Buy and sell gold using crypto currencies

XBank offers an easy and secure way to trade gold with crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Why trade gold with XBank?

  • XBank provides a direct exchange between crypto currencies and gold, without using any intermediate fiat currency. This results in a more efficient exchange and better rates.
  • Withdraw certified 99.99% gold bullion at our branch locations at any time.
BTC / Gold (g)//
ETH / Gold (g)//
XRP / Gold (g)//
LTC / Gold (g)//
DAS / Gold (g)//

How does it work?

To buy gold from BTC:

  1. Transfer BTC to XBank using any Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Receive gold in your XBank account immediately when transfer is confirmed.
  3. (Optional) Withdraw gold bullion at our nearest branch location.

To sell gold to BTC:

  1. Select qty of gold to sell from your XBank account.
  2. Enter your wallet address where BTC will be transferred.

The process for other crypto currencies is the same as for BTC.

Security and transparency

  • Physical gold bullion is stored in premium high-security facilities.
  • Daily audit reports are published to verify gold inventory.
  • Crypto-currencies are never stored on our servers.
  • Use multi-factor authentication to access your account.

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